SpringGift_Wrap_RibbonHappy Mother’s Day! I am spending the day with my daughter and some friends enjoying a brunch on my new deck. We will be giving you a tour of that very soon.

A few months ago I was invited to Utah to film an interview with Cricut about my crafting and design experiences. It was such good fun to have them do my hair and make-up then to be interviewed in true celeb style in front of the lights and cameras – I felt a teeny bit like a star for a day. The team at Cricut produced 5 fun little videos that I will share with you over the coming weeks starting with my favorite. . . my crafty indulgences. Since most of my videos are teaching and tutorial, it was a kick to see exactly how animated I get when I talk in real life. I didn’t realize it! In this video I share a couple of my secret indulgences as well as the one city in the world that I would like to live for a while – any guesses where that might be….? Enjoy! ~ Lia