The holidays are by far the busiest time of year for our studio, and sometimes it can be difficult to stop and take a moment to really appreciate the magic of the season. Something that we have noticed most this year is that the holidays bring an opportunity to be more intentional. Intention to be more generous, intention to invest more of ourselves into our relationships and intention to communicate how much we care about each other. After a long year full of ups and downs, that is the beauty of Christmas! There is no better way to end a year than reflecting on what is really important, and committing to being as thoughtful as you can.

We can’t thank you all enough for coming along with us on this maker’s adventure, and needless to say we are more than grateful for you all! It is our intention to begin the new year with positivity, and remember to honor our genuine selves by nourishing our creative roots. Handcrafting is special because it can make you engage in a way you never thought possible, and we will spend every day of the coming year encouraging you to empower your creative side!

From all of us at the Lia Griffith Studio, Merry Christmas!Save