DIY Christmas Ornaments
Christmas is a great time for displaying metallic accents, and here are some easy and classic DIY Christmas ornaments that you can throw together for your tree. We included two designs for our papercut DIY Christmas ornaments, a cage ornament and a speckled ornament. Download the SVG version to use with a cutting machine, or use the PDF if you are cutting by hand. We used three shades of metallic gold and copper papers (links in Shop this Project), and we mirrored those colors in the PDF version. Of course, you can also cut the SVG version of the ornaments in other colors too! If you are using the PDF version, you can print onto cardstock or text weight paper. Once you have trimmed the ornaments, use your hot glue gun to fold them together.

If you are having trouble with gluing the ornaments, reference our photo tutorial from these ornaments using the same technique. Then, incorporate these DIY Christmas ornaments into your holiday in any way you’d like! To turn them into tree ornaments, simply glue a length of pretty ribbon to the top and tie a loop. Or, add them to your string lights for a pretty lantern effect like our origami box string light decor. While we were developing these papercut beauties, we realized that they would also make for a great set of gift toppers! Follow the same steps to assemble the ornament, then glue the center of the top to the bottom for a gorgeous paper bow.

As you can see in our photos, you can’t go wrong with any of these project options! For more DIY Christmas ornaments to use in your holiday decor, head over to our DIY Christmas section. Learn how you can start crafting with us, or follow our social media channels for daily inspiration. We love seeing your photos, so share feel free to share them us on Instagram using #DIYDreamingWithLia! Happy Holidays ~ Lia and the Team

DIY Christmas Ornaments

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