Plum Living Room by Lia GriffithA few months ago at the beginning of the Fall season, I decided to try something odd. Okay, maybe even crazy. I decided to switch my beautiful cool tone teal and green living room accents and accessories to warm purples and plums for the winter months. Did I regress back to a purple loving teenage girl? Oh my. When I looked around and shopped for a few accessories I did find bits of plum in a sea of my beloved teals, but not many. If you have not seen my summer living room tour here is a link to that post. Yet I continued on my mission to infuse the room with these warm rich colors to balance the cooler days. Then Pantone announced their color of the year for 2014 in December to be Radiant Orchid. I had to laugh to myself since it has been my trend to unknowingly predict upcoming trends.

So here is how I made the color switch: You may remember this post where I shared how to make these easy pillow covers. Well, this was part of my redecorating. I also painted a new piece of art for the fireplace which hides the television and I made a new graphic diamond art piece for the opposite wall for which I will share a tutorial on how to make your own this later this week. I found a few accessories at West Elm to include the plum ombre throw on the sofa, the plum trays, the silver fox and a few pretty vessels to place around the room. I mixed my metal pieces with silver, golds and coppers and kept the golden yellow as an accent color.

I know it would be a hard sell to your husbands/boyfriends/partners if you were to tell them you were going to redecorate your living room in plum. The idea of it even makes me catch my breath, and perhaps that is why I wanted to take on the challenge. More importantly, I want to share with you how easy it is to change your space seasonally with just a few key items and a few pops of color. Take a look around my living room and tell me what colors would you use to design your dream space. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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