felt panda palsPanda Pals

What’s black, white, and cute all over? These adorable needle felted panda pals. Crafting your own is super simple. All you have to do is gather the tools and materials and follow along with our easy tutorial below. We’ll guide you through it and you’ll have your felt friends in no time! 

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  1. Gather the tools and materials.
  2. Cover the foam egg with white roving felt and poke repeatedly with felting needle to secure felt onto foam.
  3. Add an oval shape with the additional white roving felt to create the panda’s nose.
  4. Roll a small piece of black roving felt into a ball, then felt into place.
  5. With a small wisp of black roving felt, poke its middle at the bottom middle of the nose.
  6. Take the ends of roving felt and poke down and on both sides of the nose to create mouth.
  7. Use the loose black roving felt to shape the eyes as shown.
  8. Form ears, arms and feet by rolling and folding roving felt to shape, then repeatedly poke with roving needle to help keep the shape. Leave loose roving felt on the end you intend to attach to the body.
  9. Place and poke the feet into place, then add a small ball of roving felt to create a tail. Make sure to poke with felting needle until pieces are secure.
  10. Use your felting needle to attach the arms.
  11. Attach ears to the top of the head with your felting needle.
  12. Glue black bead eyes into place.
  13. Cut out the bamboo pieces according to the pattern.
  14. Glue the felt pieces together to create a bamboo stock.

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