Pig Out With Felt!

It’s felt before swine with these absolutely adorable wool roving felted pigs. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at needle felting, this is the easiest and cutest starting point! This fun craft is the perfect gift for young ones or for some farm-themed decor.

Simply gather the tools and materials, then download the SVG or PDF template. Once you have everything, follow our straightforward instructions below (or download them too). Create a new felt animal friend with us! (Oink!)

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  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Cover foam egg with wool roving, poking repeatedly to secure.
  3. Form wool roving into circle; place on pointed end of egg shape and repeatedly poke with needle to secure.
  4. Create two nostrils by repeatedly poking with needle. To create the head, add extra wool roving on side of body closest to the nose.
  5. Prep four small equally sized pieces of wool roving; fold in quarters as shown. Repeatedly poke until foot is formed, and leave loose roving on one side.
  6. Attach the legs by placing on body and poke loose roving into body.
  7. Take two pieces of roving felt (about 1/3 of what was used for each leg) and poke into an ear shape; be sure to keep pointed at top.
  8. Place ears onto head and poke loose wool roving into body to secure.
  9. Use hot glue and push eyes into place. Add a small bit of roving felt around each eye, and below nose to create mouth.
  10. Cut pipe cleaner to about 1.5”. Tightly wrap small piece of wool roving around pipe cleaner. Make sure to keep a bit of tension so it stays in place.
  11. Bend tail into spiral then glue and push it into place.
  12. Cut out felt pieces for flower and bow according to pattern.
  13. Glue each petal to flower center. Then glue ends of bow loops to its center, stack onto bow back, then glue bow wrap around the middle.
  14. Glue flower and bow onto base of pig’s ear.

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Needle Felting Pig Tutorial