new year's eve decorations

Looking ahead to 2020

Some of our New Year’s Eve decorations are new this year and some are older projects from previous years that we updated for 2020. So, if you see a project with images from a different year, don’t worry — the downloads will say 2020.

If you’re feeling pressed for time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, the easiest way to get ready for a New Year’s Eve celebration is with a simple papercut banner and some pretty stirrers for your champagne. That being said, all of the projects shown here are easy to make. And if you have a cutting machine, they will be even simpler!

Along with your New Year’s Eve decorations, it can be fun to print out some resolution cards for your party. After all, a new year calls for new goals and intentions — or maybe a reset of an old goal. Either way, writing your goal down will help you to focus on what you want to achieve this upcoming year and go after it.

As always, we are here to inspire you and give you an encouraging creative push! Happy crafting, friends! ~ Lia and team

Roaring 20s Party Decor

Happy New Year's Eve banner and paper disco balls

Champagne Cocktail & Star Stirrers

Champagne cocktail and papercut stirrers

Roaring 20s Party Hats

roaring 20s party hats for NYE

New Year’s Eve Champagne Bar

DIY champagne bar with new year's eve decorations

Printable New Year’s Resolution Cards

New Year's resolution cards

Happy New Year Banner & Party Hats

Happy New Year banner

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