What’s a party without a few party hats? Our DIY party hats for New Year’s Eve are simple to make, fun to wear and look darn cute on too!

For those with a cutting machine we are also sharing the cut files for the “Fizz, Pop, Clink”  cut out which you can add to the cone design hat for a super-special DIY party hat! Finally we are sharing the cut file for the “Cheers” headband which we simply printed and cut onto glitter card and added a length of elastic to keep it in place – it could not be cuter!

We also have printable cone party hats in two different designs. These are simple to print at home on card stock or paper. You can then trim them to size and add a length of elastic to keep them in place. To make the fringed top, simply cut a 12″ x 4″ length of tissue paper – we love gold but you could use any color. Roll it up lengthwise and cut lines that are 3 inches long into the roll. Glue the fringed top into the hole at the top of your cone hat and you are good to go. This download also includes two designs of crown hat which can also be printed at home onto card stock or paper. Trim to size with scissors and use the tabs to attach it to a headband with a little glue or tape – so simple!

So, get your paper ready, switch on the printer, prep your cutting machine or scissors and get making – your party guests will thank you for it! For more super-stylish DIY New Years Eve party ideas, take a look at the other projects we have shared so far. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what we are sharing next. See you there! ~ Lia