To make this DIY piñata, begin with a 10″ paper lantern (you can shop this project below!). Use a 2.5″ circle punch to make up to 140 paper circles in papers of your choice. For a ombré effect you will need approx. 40 in silver, 60 in gold and 40 in bronze. Starting at the bottom of your paper lantern, attach the bronze circles around the base using a low temperature glue gun. Working your way up, make sure you layer the circles on top of one another as you go. You will want to create three rows of bronze, three rows of gold and three rows on silver paper circles to cover your paper lantern. Before you glue on those last paper circles, pop your piñata treats into the top of the lantern. Tie a length of ribbon or twine to the frame of the lantern and hang you DIY piñata with pride! Enjoy! ~ Lia

 Paper_Mirror_Ball_1Paper_Mirror_Ball_2DIY_Mirror_BallMirror_Ball_PinataMirror_Ball_New_Years_Eve_DIYShopThisProject USETHISONE!Pure Gold Paper | Mercury Glass Papers | Circle Punch | Paper Lantern | Low Temperature Glue Gun