DIY Organic Hand Soap

Keep Hands Soft With Organic Castile Hand Soap

The older I get, the more conscious I am about making my home chemical-free. One of the ways I do this is by choosing soaps, shampoos and cleaners that use all natural ingredients.  One of the wonderful things about castile soap is that it is made from 100% plant oils, no animal fat and no chemicals. It’s a true soap, not a chemical detergent, making castile soap completely biodegradable and very earth-friendly. This means it is also friendly to your skin and to your inner being. Another brilliant thing about this soap is that you can use it as a base for so many other natural cleaners, so of course I buy it in bulk.

Today I refilled three of my soap dispenser bottles. I made lavender for the bathroom sink and shower and grapefruit for the kitchen. Not only does the kitchen soap work great on hands, but is makes a wonderful chemical-free wash for fruits and veggies. The castile soap is not thick and viscous like chemical soaps so adding water will make it even more of a liquid. I may look into how to add a natural thickener to this recipe only because it helps keep it in place longer to lather. For the bath soap my ratio was 1 cup of water to 2 ounces of castile soap for an extra strength soap.

I added fragrance to my soaps with good quality essential oils. I love how the oils add just a touch of color to the soaps. They look so pretty in these glass bottles. Below you will find my tutorial and “recipe” and at the end of the post you can download and print these labels for the lavender and pink grapefruit fragrances. You can either print there on weatherproof labels or have the one side laminated in a matte finish. This will help preserve the labels. Check out my other DIY Beauty Products here. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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