An organized craft room is a happy and productive one, so when Michaels asked us to share our tips, we used it as an excuse to have a good tidy up and prepare for the New Year! Over the last two and a half years my craft stash has grown from a couple baskets of paper and ribbon to an entire room of materials and tools. When we outgrew my home office recently, we moved to a studio that allowed us a dedicated craft room – which we desperately needed! As a team of 8, that craft room needs to be super-organized, functional and gorgeous! By incorporating some key storage pieces from Michaels and a little imagination, we have been able to create a craft room that we hope ticks those three boxes! 

We organized our craft room around the central, custom-built craft table. By securing wooden table tops to tall metal shelving units, we created a craft table that has height so that we can work at it standing or seated on a bar stool. These gorgeous bar stools are from Hayneedle . We included a strip of power sockets to the center of the table to allow for multiple glue guns and craft tools at once! The shelves underneath allow us to store items we readily need at the craft table. Sitting pretty on the top of the table is the oh-so-useful spinning utensil holder. Filled with scissors, blades, pencils and chalks – these essential items are easy to grab “mid-make” which is ideal. Hanging above the craft room is the industrial chandelier that we made for my home a little while back. It’s important to have plenty of light in any craft room so re-purposing this DIY chandelier here was ideal. If you would like to make something similar, you can watch the video tutorial for this here

Our wall of paper could not be more organized! Using both vertical and horizontal shelving units we are able to sort our paper by color and type, making it super-easy to find that perfect tone for our next paper flower design. To the right of our wall of paper is a box shelf unit which makes the perfect home for our rolls of vinyls and iron-on for our beloved Cricut Explore machines. On top sits a couple great little drawer sets that house our teeny craft supplies – the buttons, beads and embroidery floss. Labels are key in any well organized craft room, especially one that is shared by more than one person and make a huge difference to our productivity! Enough searching for the hole punch!

Over on the back wall, we created a dedicated space for sewing. Underneath our sewing table we house a five drawer unit on wheels which we can pull out and have right next to us while we sew – it’s so handy to have everything within arms reach when you make! In between our sewing tables is our wall of ribbons. I’m a sucker for gorgeous ribbon and have collected many over my crafting years. Our handy-man built us a row of u-shaped shelves specifically for keeping the ribbons in a way that makes them easy to see and easy to use – perfect!

If you are inspired to organize your own craft room, you’ll find lots of great storage pieces in Michaels. Our top tip would be to really spend time in your craft room before you head our to invest in even a desk topper! Think about how you use your time there, which items do you need to hand and which can be stored away? Do you need space for small items like beads and buttons or bigger storage pieces for card stock or fabrics? Sketch a plan or two, move your existing pieces around and play! Once you have a good idea of your existing space and what it is lacking, you will be better equipped to go out and get exactly what you to need to create a craft room that is perfect for you! Stay tuned for our next studio tour post where we will show you our new office and photography space. Enjoy! ~ Lia_LG_Craft_Room_3LG_Craft_Room_6LG_Craft_Room_20LG_Craft_Room_7LG_Craft_Room_8LG_Craft_Room_5LG_Craft_Room_16LG_Craft_Room_15LG_Craft_Room_21LG_Craft_Room_2LG_Craft_Room_19LG_Craft_Room_17LG_Craft_Room_18LG_Craft_Room_14LG_Craft_Room_4LG_Craft_Room_12LG_Craft_Room_13LG_Craft_Room_10LG_Craft_Room_11XXXXX_SO_0101_Jan_Michaels_Makers_l Inspired to organize your own space? Start the year off right! Michaels has tons of products and storage supplies that can be used to decorate and inspire creativity in any room of your house or office. Michaels just launched a new line of storage and organization product called Cre8ted Spaces available in stores now and it has tons of different colors, bins and office supplies – with more than 300 new items in 4 coordinating colors, you have to check it out! If you don’t know where to begin, you can always take a look at some of the fun storage projects on Michaels.com or the other 49 makers’ ideas on The Glue String for tips on designing, organizing and decorating their favorite places!
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