Summer_Gift_Wrap The colors of our new summer fruit printable gift wrap make my heart sing. The fresh strawberry pinks and that vibrant citrus yellow mixed with the black and white is just adorable. If my daughter were still young I would absolutely print the lemons and strawberries and frame them as cute pieces of art for her room. That’s the great thing about our printable files – you can literally use them for anything you like. You want the stripes for a greetings card you were making – sure why not? What about covering a notebook in the striking black spot print? Or lining a tray with the lemon print to serve up a pitcher of homemade lemonade?  Today we are using these designs to wrap gifts because I’m a huge fan of cool, quirky gift wrap and together with the tags (in tomorrow’s post) and twine these wrapped gifts are just gorgeous. You can download the 11 x 17 printable or if you would like a full sheet of 20 x 29 inch paper a limited edition is available for sale in our Etsy shop. If you would like a tutorial on tying the perfect bow, take a look at my updated video. In it I share a secret that my mother shared with me many many years ago and which has NEVER failed me! Check back later today for our free printable gift tags in matching colors and patterns – yummy! See you later. Enjoy! ~ Lia