Roasted Root VegetablesLast week I started a 21-day cleanse. A little pre-spring cleaning perhaps? It was just time for me to interrupt my sugar addiction and have all my spark plugs firing again. I don’t have time to be sick or lethargic. Anyone with me here? Today is day ten and I am starting to feel some of the positive results like. . . less air bubbles in my brain, more energy. . . I am pretty excited about this cleanse. After doing a lot of research and reading his book THREE times I chose to do Dr. Junger’s Clean Cleanse. Anyone can do this by following his recipes and supplement guide or if you just need things pre-packaged, he offers his smoothies and support supplements in a kit. Either way, his method made the most sense for how my body reacts to certain foods and it seemed gentle and very supportive as they have a team to help you through. So here we are on day ten. I am still gushing about Dr. Junger’s method and I will keep you posted through day twenty one. As part of the cleanse, we are to eat one solid meal a day using ingredients from the Clean cleanse food list. Between the Clean site, the kit, and the book there are a lot of yummy looking recipes and this one really caught my eye. Beets and squash are two of my favorite vegetables, but parsnips and celery root I had little experience with. You can see in the tutorial below how I prepared the recipe, shooting as I made it for the first time I might add. I love the mix of colors of these root vegetables and started to feel all winter cozy just chopping them in preparation for the oven. Honest recipe review. . . absolutely delicious! I will make this again and again, even after the cleanse! (side note: the beautiful rustic serving dish in these photos is a handmade pottery piece by my talented mother that I inherited after her passing).

Root Vegetable Roast Recipe

Root Vegetable Tutorial RootVegetablesRoasted