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Although we typically use paper and felt for most of our DIY crafts, we love getting creative with other materials, too. We have used wood veneer for a few projects now and love its natural look. However, we wanted the flowers and leaves of this wreath to stand out, so Meagan painted them using the acrylic colors linked below.

You can use the same colors we did for your painted wood spring wreath, or choose whatever colors you like best! Once you’re finished, you can hang it anywhere in your home.

Skill level: Intermediate

Crafting tips: Use a pencil to outline the areas you want to paint; you can alway erase the pencil marks that paint doesn’t cover. A piece of sand paper or nail file may come in handy to smooth out any rough edges from cutting.

Other projects shown: Frosted paper button fern

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How to Make a Painted Wood Spring Wreath

  1. Gather your tools and materials. Then download the template listed on the right hand side at the top of this post.
  2. ape down edges of wood veneer to strong grip mat. Cut using deep cut blade and multiple passes. Use a detail knife to cut any missed areas.
  3. Cut out a wreath in brown chipboard as well.
  4. Use spray adhesive to attach the wood wreath to the chipboard wreath. Set a heavy book on top of the wreath while the glue dries.

painted wood spring wreath tutorial by Lia Griffith

DIY painted wood spring wreath

handmade wreath for spring

painted wood spring wreath

DIY wood spring wreath