Our graphic designer Lindsay always creates such beautiful paper lanterns! These paper arched garden lanterns are inspired by some brass lanterns we saw at Pottery Barn. And, unlike many of our paper lanterns which feature intricate details, this design is an easy one to cut by hand. 

To start crafting, check out our tools and materials list. Then follow our simple instructions below.

metallic paper garden lanterns

Arch you glad for more paper lanterns?

Paper lanterns are one of our most popular projects, and we are always thinking of new designs for you. For one, they are very simple to make. And they make such lovely home decor or party decor. 

To get that brassy look for our paper arched garden lanterns, we used two different shades of metallic gold paper. And we chose cardstock over text weight so they would be sturdier in their construction. As always, you can add some LED tea lights to your lanterns once you’ve placed them where you want them to be.

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  1. Cut out the lantern and vellum for the windows using our SVG cut file or PDF template. You will need two pieces of the large or small to make one lantern.
  2. Fold along the score lines.
  3. Use a dot roller to apply adhesive to the inside of the lantern just above and below the arched windows; add vellum paper.
  4. Use a hot glue gun or a dot roller to apply adhesive to the long tab of one lantern half, then connect to the side of the second half. Then add adhesive to the second tab, and secure the lantern closed.
  5. Secure lantern handles with mini brads.

paper arched garden lanterns handmade paper lanterns paper arched garden lanterns DIY paper arched garden lanterns

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