Paper FeatherPaper Feather PatternA few weeks ago I was helping my friend create her hat decoration for the Kentucky Derby party we were going to be attending together. We made over-sized paper flowers in bright pinks and plums and added some huge paper feathers into the mix to finish the over-the-top look. They were so pretty I knew I had to create a post for you on making a smaller version of this simple paper feather design. You can use them for gift toppers, a wedding boutonniere, put a few in a shadow box to hang on your wall, or make a paper feather wreath for your summertime decor! Browse to find my paper feather wreath projects in teal and gold. These feathers are very simple and would make a fun craft project for kids. Simply print my template onto your choice of colored papers or printed papers (I am loving the vintage dictionary page), then follow the directions below to complete. I have a PDF template available for those who are hand cutting, and an SVG file for everyone with a cutting machine. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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