Light Up Your Life

These paper garden lanterns exude such craftsmanship and yet they’ll take you hardly any time and effort to create! We’ve made it simple for you to craft — simply download, print, cut, and assemble. We’ve included two types of files for you to choose from. If you are using a cutting machine, use our SVG cut files. If you plan to cut by hand, use our PDF templates. There are two sizes of lanterns for you to choose from… Why not make a few of each? To assemble, use a straightedge for folding and glue dots, a glue roller or hot glue to adhere. Once complete, light up your lanterns with LED candles and enjoy! Who knew it could be so simple to bring such light to your life?

Tools & Materials

Sources and More

We used Paper Paper’s metallic text weight paper in Copper, Bronze, and Ionised, but feel free to try other colors as well! For our vellum windows, we used Lia Griffith Vellum Paper Pack. We used brads to dress up the handles of our lanterns. Remember to use an LED candle and not a real candle — it’s easy to forget that these lanterns are made entirely of paper, but they are and they will burn easily!

Join Us!

Share photos of your finished paper garden lanterns with us on social media using #LoveLia. Join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and become a Lia Griffith member to take your crafting to the next level today! Have any questions or feedback for us? Always feel free to reach out — we love hearing from you. Until next time ~ Lia & Team