DIY Tree Garland
Hello everyone! I am back from the Netherlands, (see photos of my trip on the blog Facebook page) inspired and ready to continue on our handcrafted holiday theme. I have so many ideas popping that I wish I had time to do several a day. Sigh. Still just a tad still in jet lag, today I am going to do a simple post on my favorite paper garland technique. This is something that you can do year round for any party or holiday and it is also a garland I like to use when I decorate my tree. I used three different sizes of circle punches and a variety of metallic paper from silver, to gold, to antique gold. My palette for this year’s decor is silver and gold, but you can use any colors that compliment your holiday look. I also printed a vintage sheet music pattern of both sides of some white paper to add a little interest to the solid metallic strands. See the tutorial below on how I easily assemble the garland. One tip I suggest is that when you are ready to put all of your decorations away, make sure to wrap your garland around a piece of cardboard. It is easy to tangle and hard to untangle. If you have not seen my newest video featuring this garland, check it out in this post. Cheers! ~ Lia
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Holiday Garland
Paper Garland Tutorial