How to Make Paper Love Birds

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to finally share the paper bird tutorial. And it is in video form too!! Since this was my Christmas tree topper as a turtle dove, I planned to share in December, but with the passing of my mother and a busy traveling schedule in January, the birds have now landed just in time for Valentine’s Day. . . in a pair as love birds. Perfect! I am also seeing these birds being a great Mother’s Day project as well and may need to form a nest with paper eggs for another tutorial. I have simplified the steps and attached the bits and pieces into only 7 to make it easier to reproduce. I know you can do it! The printable template is available at the end of the post. In this video I used a metallic white paper from in text weight. So here you are. . . a video tutorial on handcrafted paper love birds. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper Love Birds Tutorial