Paper Peony Gift Topper I have yet to do crepe paper flowers here on the blog but instead work with printer paper. Maybe because it is unexpected material and has an artistic sculptural look when finished.To me these paper flowers are a little piece of art. They take a bit of work to design and planning and that is part of my fun. To make your paper peony, I have also prepared a photo tutorial for members to download. The peony is fairly simple. My tips would be to use text weight or printer paper and to curl the petal tips multiple times in many directions. With these two things, your version is sure to look wonderful. When I make flowers that are fully printed with the watercolor texture like this one, I do prefer to print on a laser printer rather than an inkjet as it makes the paper very wet with this much ink. You can get a laser print at your local office supply or print shop for around $2 for the two pages of petals, plus the full bleed print of water color on the back of each. We will miss you Miss Summer. . . but will see you again soon. Enjoy! ~ Lia




  • Printer Paper or Lia Griffith Frosted Craft Paper – Melon Pack #1
  • Water Color (optional – if you don’t have a printer)