DIY Paper Poinsettia
For the next couple of days we are going to fast forward to Christmas. Made in Paper magazine has published their second issue and this one is all about a crafted Christmas. This magazine is jam packed with wonderful inspiration and crafty projects and I feel quite honored that I was not only invited to interview about my love for paper, but also shared a tutorial on how to make this paper poinsettia. The magazine is published in UK, so it may not be available in print everywhere, but you can get it in the iTunes store for your iPad. Just look for it in the special issues of Mollie Makes. Today, I am going to share the paper poinsettia tutorial that is in the magazine and most importantly the template for the flower. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Made In Paper Magazine
How to Make Paper Poinsettias
Red Paper Poinsettia
Paper Poinsettia Tutorial