Our designer Krista made these gorgeous paper spider chrysanthemums using four different shades of purple metallic paper. And thanks to our friends at PaperPapers, we’re giving you this DIY project for FREE.

Once you’ve gathered the tools and materials below, head over to PaperPapers for your free template. We recommend using a cutting machine for these intricate petals, but you can always cut them by hand, too. Then follow our instructions below to make your own paper spider chrysanthemums for fall.

When you’re done with this DIY, we’d love to see how your mums turned out. Make sure to share your paper crafts with us on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia. We may just repost them!


  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Visit PaperPapers for your SVG file or printable PDF. Cut paper pieces according to template. (The tutorial shows the chrysanthemum in the color Punch.)
  3. Fully curl the edges of all the smaller petal pieces using a curling tool or the edge of a pair of scissors.
  4. Curl just the tips of the 3 biggest petal pieces.
  5. Stack and glue the smaller matching pairs, each layer rotated.
  6. Stack and glue all the 3 pairs. Maintain the tightest curl in the center of the mum.
  7. Glue together the last 3 layers, smallest to largest, each layer rotated.
  8. Glue together both halves of the mum to finish the bloom.
  9. Bend the tip of 18-gauge floral wire 90° with pliers. Slide on the circle backer and glue in place.
  10. Glue the wire and backer onto the underside of the mum.
  11. Begin to wrap the wire stem with green floral tape.
  12. Fold the mum leaf in half and curl edges under. Glue the end of a length of 24-gauge floral wire into the fold of the leaf and pinch closed.
  13. Wrap the base of leaf and wire with floral tape.
  14. Attach leaf to flower stem by wrapping the wires together with tape, all the way down the stem.
  15. Bend the flower stem. Gently pull down the bottom petal layers to give the mum more shape.

Photo tutorial for paper spider chrysanthemums by Lia Griffith

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Purple paper spider chrysanthemums in vase next to plates, candles, and glasses on table Purple paper spider chrysanthemumsPurple paper spider chrysanthemums in vase Purple paper spider chrysanthemums in vase next to plates, candles, and glasses on table