Lantern Stars

For our set of paper stars we used our Cricut cutting machine, which made it quick and easy to cut all of the pieces. If you are cutting by hand instead, we have also included the PDF template. You can simply add the holes with a small hole punch. We used card stock in red, white and blue, then added a shimmer of glittery gold to really liven things up. Once you have cut all your pieces it is just a matter of gluing the tabs together and fitting them over your string lights. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below to help you through this process! It’s really very simple but looks utterly divine, don’t you think?

If you are interested in other 4th of July decor ideas to pair with these lantern stars, check out our quick sew paper star garland or patriotic pinwheels! Browse all of our Fourth of July projects and then head to the membership page to start downloading. Cheers to a wonderful and fun Independence Day! ~ Lia

DIY Lantern Stars Lantern Stars Paper_Cut_Star_DIY Paper_Star_Lantern_Tutorial