Heart_Paper_Succulent_Wall_ArtI was recently asked by FloraCraft® to create a piece of wall art using their Make It: Fun® Foam Sheets. My paper succulent wreath was so popular that I just had to come up with a fun twist on the design for Valentine’s Day.

This 3D paper succulent heart wall art makes a bold statement, but I can assure you that it is fairly simple to make. I’ve hung mine among some of my favorite pictures. Can you spot the photograph of me and my daughter when she was just six months old?

You’ll find the paper succulent heart wall art step-by-step tutorial here. And the templates are at the bottom of this post. You’ll notice I added the deep purple and silver tones, which give this heart a rich, sumptuous look that’s just right for Valentine’s day.

The foam sheets are also easy to work with and allow you to create a lovely domed heart-shaped base. Once you have trimmed all your succulent petals, it’s just a matter of a little gluing and flower arranging! Download the templates, then follow the steps to create your own paper succulent heart wall art.

For more FloraCraft®  projects, check out www.makeitfuncrafts.com

DIY_Paper_Heart_Succulents DIY_Paper_Succulents Paper_Succulent_Heart_ArtSucculent_Heart_Tutorial