This 3D paper succulent heart wall art makes a bold statement, but I can assure you that it is fairly simple to make. I’ve hung mine among some of my favorite pictures.

Since this is a new way to arrange our popular original succulent designs, you can find the tutorial for each succulent in the download section. You can also download each template in a printable PDF or an SVG cut file for your cutting machine. Once you have your succulents ready, you can find the tutorial on how I assembled the heart wall hanging below.

I made five of each of the larger succulents for this version and 20 of the smaller lavender version. Depending on how large you create your heart, this number might vary.

You can choose any color palette for your heart wall art. For this Valentine’s Day version, I chose to add some deep purples, silver tones, and pale lavenders into my green base. You can find the links to the colors I used in the materials list.

The foam sheets are also easy to work with and allow you to create a lovely domed heart-shaped base. Or, you can use any heart-shaped base for this project.

DIY_Paper_Heart_Succulents DIY_Paper_Succulents Paper_Succulent_Heart_ArtSucculent_Heart_Tutorial