What's a safari adventure without a few creepy crawlies to make things interesting? This month, we're bringing summer's most captivating creatures right into your playroom with our adorable Papercut Cardstock Articulated Bugs! These cute little articulated insects are bursting with personality and are perfect for keeping your little ones entertained. The best part? They're surprisingly easy to make, so don't hesitate to get your kiddos in on the fun!

Bugging Out

These vibrant Papercut Articulated Bugs don't need a ton of fancy supplies to come together, so this is an ideal project for our junior crafters. Our cute bugs boast colorful bodies and posable limbs, thanks to clever little brads that act as joints. With a wiggle here and a jiggle there, your little ones can easily bring their buggy buddies to life, acting out all sorts of safari adventures!

We've chosen a beautiful duotone color palette to reflect summer's warmth, such as rich wines, sunny yellows, and goldenrod hues. But feel free to let your creativity roam wild! Maybe your child has a favorite beetle they'd love to recreate, or perhaps a fantastical dragonfly with wings of every color. The possibilities are endless!

The fun continues once your Papercut Articulated Bugs are assembled. With wings that flap and legs that crawl, these crafty critters are all set for safari summer fun. Let your kiddos get lost in a world of imaginative play as their bugs crawl through the tall grass (your living room rug) or get lost in the fronds of a mighty palm tree.

Once finished, your Papercut Articulated Bugs would make wonderful decorations for a safari birthday party. We know your kiddos will love creating these posable safari friends, and these little guys will surely become cherished companions on all their summer adventures. So remember to share with us on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia or in our crafters' community.