Calling all cat lovers! June is bursting with sunshine and the playful energy of our feline companions. So, what better way to celebrate than with a purr-fectly-themed party adorned with our adorable Cat Party Set? This collection is a riot of color and playful details, guaranteed to make any cat-themed party a whisker-lickin' good time.

Pawty Time

Our Papercut Cat Party Set is a literal breeze to put together — pawsitively purrfect for beginners (last one, I promise). For those who love the convenience of precision cuts, a cutting machine is a fantastic option. Download our SVG file and let your machine do the hard work. However, if you prefer the hands on approach, grab those detail scissors and cutting mat.

The Cat Party Bundle includes everything you need to throw a meow-gical bash – cupcake wrappers, cup wrappers, a festive garland, and cake toppers, all featuring our sun-loving kitties in their coolest shades. Whether you're planning a birthday celebration for your little one or a special get-together to honor your own feline overlord (ahem, companion), this bundle has all the personal touches to make it unforgettable.

Here's a little secret from us to you – our high-quality cardstock paper is double-sided! One side is perfectly flat, while the other boasts a subtle canvas texture. Experiment with which side you cut on to create unique visual effects and dimension to your cat decorations.

Once you've got your Cat Party Bundle all ready to go–there's nothing left to do but put those paws in the air and wave em' like you just don't care. I, for one, am on the edge of my seat for your feline fiesta photos, so please be sure to share them on social media with the #MadeWithLia. Or, upload them to our Crafter's community.