Bat Box Crazy


Hand Cutting Steps

  1. Print the PDF template onto your paper if you are cutting by hand.
  2. Cut the pattern out ,including the eyes and fangs. A craft knife is best to use at this stage.
  3. Score down the marked score lines (shown on the pattern).  
  4. Optional: cover the eyes and fangs with vellum or white paper. Glue to fix in place.
  5. Fold the pillow box at the score lines and glue the tab inside the box to secure.
  6. Use hot glue to stick the wings on across the back of the pillow box. 
  7. Fill with yummy treats or little toys for those with allergies. 

To make these Halloween treat boxes with a cutting machine, simply save the SVG file to your computer and upload to Design Space as usual. Follow assembly instructions from step number 5. Enjoy!

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