DIY Valentine roller skate card


These roller skate valentines include two designs with different sayings. The star version says, “I like the way you roll,” and the daisy version says, “You’re wheelie fun, Valentine.” These are simple to cut and layer, and for the finishing touch, we laced a string of yarn through the holes to act like laces. 

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There are a few versions of this project available for download. To make your roller skate valentines as shown in the photos, follow these steps: 

  1. Download the “SVG with Print Then Cut” compressed file to find 4 PNG files and an SVG. Upload the PNGs into Design Space as a Print Then Cut. You should not need to select any cut-outs because it has a transparent background with the cutout already made.
  2. Upload into your canvas and resize the skates to 6″ tall (it will initially upload large). Follow Cricut’s instructions for how to print.
  3. Upload the SVG file for all of the cardstock details, resizing to the measurements indicated if DS resizes them. Cut out in cardstock colors of your choice.
  4. Glue details onto the skate using a glue stick.
  5. Lace through the holes using yarn or decorative ribbon.

For a more fuss-free version, you can download the “Print Then Cut” compressed file to find 8 PNG files: 4 in color with all of the details and 4 in black and white outlines for coloring to get the kids involved. There is also a PDF version if you don’t mind a bit of hand-cutting.

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