Woodland LanternsRainy season has started and I keep seeing cute little mushrooms popping up in the grassy areas around me. To incorporate the concept into our seasonal home decor, our illustrator Krista designed these whimsical woodland lanterns with mushrooms and boxwood branches. To give it a rustic feel for fall and winter, we made the lanterns out of wood paper. This project is certainly easier to make with a cutting machine (thank you Cricut!), but we’ve also included a PDF version if you are cutting by hand. 

The only materials you need for our woodland lanterns are wood paper and vellum. I added links to Shop this Project for some good sources! If you are working with the PDF version and want to create the designs by hand, I would recommend using a craft knife. For the Cricut or cutting machine users, my top tip is to cut the design a couple of times before removing the paper from your mat, just to make sure that the cuts are clean. Fold the lanterns and press the edges tightly to make the corner creases. Next you can add your vellum screens. Simply cut 4 rectangles of vellum and attach them to the inside of each woodland lantern. There is an extra tab on the end of the lantern, which you should then use to close the lantern. We used a strip of double-sided tape because we wanted it to be as flat as possible. 

Once you finish your woodland lanterns, you can stick little LED tea lights inside. The tea lights shine through the vellum beautifully! If you’re looking for more woodland accents in your life, make sure to check out our foam mushrooms and felt gnomes. Browse all of our seasonal home decor projects for more fall inspiration, or head to our membership page to get in on the fun. See you soon! ~ Lia 

Woodland LanternsWoodland LanternsWoodland Lanterns

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