PhotoPropsA few weeks ago, the people at Cricut asked if I would write a post about their new cartridge Photo Booth Props. Well, of course if it means playing dress up and having a good laugh, I am all in! So, I rallied the team to brainstorm how we could use a few of the fun props from the many on the new cartridge in a way that is unexpected. We decided to make wearable props and our photo shoot would be a salute to the quirkiness of our little city. Some of you may have watched the show Portlandia. In a Satruday Night Live style they find all the quirks of Portland traditions, people, fashion and poke a little fun. So donning our plaid flannel, serious expressions (Portland hipsters take themselves very seriously), and adding our over sized props, we were off on the town for our Portlandia photo shoot. We in Portland love our bikes (especially a vintage 1958 Schwinn) our flea markets/antique stores, our homesteading and of course our coffee. You can find the bow ties, glasses and mustaches and beards we used for our shoot right here in Design Space. To make our props wearable, we added pencils to the glasses and elastic straps to the facial hair and bow ties.

Now, let me introduce you to my amazing team! Starting on the left in the photo below is Anna who is the business manager, then me looking like a young version of my dad, next is Jessica my craft and photo assistant (and my talented niece), then Krista, our illustrator and graphic designer who is an expert at drawing very cute animals. We are not a very serious bunch, so to stay straight faced for this shoot was a challenge. Cheers! ~ Lia