One of the easiest ways to update your home is to choose a new wall color for one of your rooms. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m not the biggest fan of white walls. I prefer to play around with different colors and patterns — plus I like to make simple switches to my home decor each season. So when Photowall reached out to me about their customizable wallpaper, I was excited to try it out!

Before we get into what we love about their wallpaper, we want to share the discount code they gave us. Just use code greatdiscount15 to get 15% off at checkout. If you are not into the wallpaper trend like we are, they also have canvas prints and posters you can use the discount on.

Photowall pink wallpaper with macrame yarn wall hanging

Have a wall of a time with Photowall!

Putting up wallpaper is such a great DIY project — and it’s very simple to do! What makes it even easier is that Photowall includes wallpaper paste and numbers the wallpaper strips so you know exactly how to hang them on your wall. All you have to do is enter your measurements on their site and they will print your wallpaper and deliver it to you. 

Photowall also has a ton of options that are fun to browse. You can explore their colors and patterns or upload one of your own images and create your own wallpaper, canvas print, or poster. If you are having trouble deciding, my tip is to choose something that reflects your style, personality, and interests. Since I love the color pink and one of my favorite hobbies is painting with watercolors, I chose their watercolour pale pink wallpaper. The soft pink splashes look so serene, especially with our macrame wall hangings!

Along with loving the look of this wallpaper, I appreciate that Photowall takes steps to minimize their environmental impact. Sustainability is very important to me, so I like that there is no waste and that they deliver their wallpaper in an eco-friendly cardboard box. They also seem passionate about what they do and offer lots of helpful tips and interior trend inspiration, which I can never get enough of!

If you are ready to give one of your rooms a little makeover or add some new prints to your home, then we recommend checking out Photowall for some new wallpaper or wall art. Our code liagriffith2021 will get you 25% off your Photowall order until April 8th. Enjoy! ~ Lia and team