Pineapple_Luau_Party_DecorationsWe’re getting a little fruity this week at Lia Griffith HQ. These cute pineapple party decorations are the perfect addition to your DIY Luau party. Begin by getting the gang together using our printable Luau Party Invitations. Once the date is set you can get to work on making a whole heap of goodies for the event. We used our cutting machine to make our pineapple party decorations but they are also very simple to cut by hand. If you are using a cutting machine then you will find the SVG cut file below. Simply cut the bottom part of the fruit onto glitter gold card stock and the top, leafy plume onto a glitter green card stock. If you are cutting by hand, begin by downloading and printing the template PDF below onto regular printer paper. Cut out the templates, lay the bottom half of the pineapple onto the wrong side of the glitter gold card, draw around it and cut with scissors. The zig zag detail in the center of the pineapple is better cut with a craft knife. Next, lay the leafy top half of the fruit onto the wrong side of the glitter green card and cut with scissors or a craft knife. Once you have all your pieces, glue the leafy top onto the fruit base and you’re then free to turn into what ever you want it to be! Glue a toothpick to the back to use them as cake toppers. Add a dot of glue to the back to use them as straw decor or tags. Tack them onto glassware, tie them to napkins, string them together to make a garland – the possibilities are endless! I even re-sized the templates and made two large glittery pineapples to decorate my party table – such fun! Enjoy ~ Lia

Party_Pineapple_Luau_Decorations Party_Luau_Pineapple_Decorations Luau_Pineapple_Party_Decorations  Pineapple_Party_Luau_DecorationsLuau_Party_Pineapple_Decorations