Faux_Gold_Foil_PrintsWe love to refer to a great quote inspire us and have designed a few art prints in the past featuring a positive quote that makes us smile. Today’s printable art is a set of two faux gold foil art prints featuring creative quotes that just make our hearts sing. The first of the two prints reads, “Take time to do what makes your soul happy”. What a gorgeous sentiment – it’s something that we so often forget yet is so important to maintaining a contented life. This quote hangs on our studio wall to remind us to do just that! The second is just as lovely, “Today isn’t just an ordinary day. Today I’ll create something beautiful”. This inspiring quote is great for a studio or work space, or maybe even the kitchen if you’re a keen baker! To get your positive quote art prints simply click on the download button below. The prints are 5×5, though you can reduce to fit a smaller frame, and can be printed out on a regular printer. Hang your prints somewhere that you’ll see them everyday and maybe print out a couple extra for friends! Whatever you choose to do with your prints, have fun and keep creating. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Prints_Faux_Gold_Foil Gold_Foil_Prints_FauxFaux_Prints_Gold_Foil