We’ve been on a bit of a fern kick here at the studio. We are just too excited about the arrival of spring! Nature is on our minds, and what better way to appreciate it then to create a tribute to it that will last forever. These potted paper fern plants are a wonderful way to add some greenery into your home decor or dreary office space! I can’t even get over how realistic looking these fern plants turned out to be! Fern PlantsTo make these ferns, we used a variation of three different green text weight metallic papers. Download the SVG file below if you are using a cutting machine, or the PDF version if you will be cutting by hand. For this project you will need a vase or terra cotta pot, 24-gauge floral wire, a foam ball, and some moss. Cut out your fern leaves and measure your floral wire according the each leaf. You will want your floral wire to be at least 2 inches longer than the leaf. Glue the floral wire to the backside of the leaves, leaving your extra 2 inches coming out of the bottom of the leaf. We attached the floral wire just by using a few dots of hot glue going down the center of the leaf. Next, put your foam ball into your terra cotta pot and cover it with your moss. You should be able to find both the foam and the moss at your local craft store. After all of your fern leaves are ready, you can use the extra 2 inches of floral wire to stick your leaves into the foam ball. Part of the beauty of fern plants is the whimsical waywardness of each leaf, so arrange your leaves randomly! The floral wire backings even allow you to twist and bend your leaves is really pretty ways.

I think these fern plants would be beautiful as fun DIY wedding centerpieces or as housewarming gifts! If you are a lover of fern plants, be sure to also check out our paper fern wreath to hang from your wall or front door, and our basic fern leaves to incorporate into floral bouquets! Find more inspiration for paper flowers or DIY home decor, and get to crafting!



Fern Plants Fern Plants Fern Plants Fern Plants Fern Plants

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