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Just Jasmine

To make this floral paper project, start by downloading our templates. Use the SVG file with a cutting machine or the PDF version to be cut by hand – both ensure gorgeous results. Visit Paper Papers website to access these downloads and refer to the photo tutorial below to help you in the crafting process.

For this potted paper jasmine plant, we used Paper Papers metallic text weight paper. This paper is our absolute go-to. It’s more unique in its thinner composition than most cardstocks, making it ideal for floral projects like this one. It’s shimmering quality give it an extra elegant feel. For our jasmine plant, we used metallic paper in Ice Silver, Botanic and Fairway, but feel free to get creative and play around with other colors of your choosing! Browse Paper Papers wide selection here and craft something beautiful today!


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut the petals and leaves according to our template notes using scissors or a cutting machine.
  3. Curl the flower petals in one direction using the edge of your scissors.
  4. Score the leaves along the score marks, then curl the edge of the leaves down using the scissors
  5. Put a small dot of glue on the tab and glue the flowers into shape with the petals curling down.
  6. Punch a hole in the middle of each flower.
  7. Cut the 24 gauged wire into 3” sections.
  8. Put a small dot of glue in the center of the flower, then place one end of the wire up through the flower just into the glue.
  9. Glue a 3“ wire between one botanic and one fairway leaf with the botanic leaf on top.
  10. Take 5 flowers and wrap floral tape around the end of the wires to secure them together, you will want 8 bundles of 5 flowers each.
  11. Use floral tape to attach an 18 gauged wire to a bundle of 5 flowers.
  12. Attach 2 leaves to the stem with floral tape.
  13. Attach 2 more leaves further down the stem using floral tape.
  14. Continue to attach leaves and 3 more flower bundles to the stem.
  15. Repeat steps 11-14 to create a second stem of jasmine.
  16. Connect the two stems of jasmine using floral tape and form it into an arch.

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Buy the paper for this project here! 

Download the paper jasmine template here!

For the material list & written instructions, download from our link below.




  • Scissors
  • Low-Temp Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hole Punch – 1/16”


  • Floral Wire – 24 gauge, 18 guage
  • Metallic Paper – Ice Silver, Botanic, Fairway
  • Floral Tape