BourbonChocolateBourbon and Chocolate Party KitWe recently hosted a fabulous bourbon and chocolate tasting party in the studio, so we decided to create an entire party kit so you could get in on the fun with us! Our bourbon and chocolate party kit has a kraft color scheme with retro bottle designs to showcase the theme of the party. The kit includes a printable invitation, envelope liners for sending the invitations out, tasting notes booklets for both the bourbon and the chocolate, labels to number your bourbons and a sign to display at the entrance of your party.

You will need a combination of card stock and copy paper to print the bourbon and chocolate party kit. Start by printing the invitation onto card stock and the envelope liner onto copy paper. When trimmed the invitation is A7 size, so head to your local stationery store to pick up some envelopes to mail them out. You can also print the 8 x 10 sign onto white card stock. Slip it into a frame, or simply hang it without at frame to welcome your guests. Of course, if you are hosting a tasting party, you will need to number each bourbon and chocolate that is included in your line-up. To incorporate these into your set-up, print them onto white card stock and trim to size. You can punch a hole at the top of the labels and tie them around each bottle with a string, or you can simply place them next to each bottle.

As you taste each bourbon and chocolate, use our tasting notes templates to jot down your thoughts. Rate them, notice the flavors that you like or did not like, and feel free to go back for more! On the chocolate tasting notes template, you can download the free font Sanchez Italic to edit the names of the chocolates featured in your tasting. Once you edit this page, print it onto white card stock. Our bourbon tasting notes booklet is the real stunner in this set. I love how it turned out! Print the front and back cover onto white card stock, and then print the tasting sheets onto copy paper. To bind the booklet together, we ran it through our sewing machine with metallic copper thread. That’s it! Plus, creating the booklet means that you have an automatic souvenir that you can keep from the party.    

I hope our bourbon and chocolate party kit inspires you to do some entertaining this summer! This particular project was something that started out small and kept growing as we got more excited about the concept. I will say that some of our favorites were the Burnside Bourbon and Bull Run Bourbon, both of which were from fabulous local distilleries. If you have the opportunity to include these in your bourbon line-up, you should definitely go for it. Enjoy! ~ Lia