Christmas World LabelDeck The Jars! 

One of my favorite gifts to give for the Holidays is something from my kitchen. Who doesn’t love food? It may be something I make myself, or a gourmet favorite I purchase. Either way, foodie gifts are something everyone can use. For this year’s food gifts I have designed a set of chalkboard style Christmas/Holiday labels to coordinate with the Fall set I shared with you last week. 

FREE Printable Labels!

These labels are ready for you to personalize and print. The button at the end of the post will take you to where the FREE printables are hosted. Once you download them onto your computer and open in Acrobat, you can click on the text fields and update the text to your own. Simply print them onto full sheet labels and trim with scissors for your food packages and jars. For this set I used my favorite Weck Jars with the glass lids because they are also part of my gifts and can be reused rather than tossed into recycle. A gift in a gift. I want to give a big thanks again to for hosting this gorgeous set of labels. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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