Now that you have your pantry newly styled with your Farmhouse Pantry Labels it is time to update your herb and spice labels too. Just for you, here are two sets (chalkboard and kraft paper) of herb and spice jar labels to match the pantry labels from last weeks post.

For my jars, I decided to use the label on both the side and the lids of the jars to make them easy to read at any angle. If you are looking for some great reusable jars, I found mine at World Market for 99Β’ each. I love to buy my refills at my local health food store’s bulk section and save both dollars and tossing my used glass jars into the recycling bin with this method. Look how nicely these jars fit into my spice drawer. To make them even easier to keep organized, I trimmed simple triangle baseboard to the width of the drawer, one strip for each row of spices so four strips total. This keeps the jars in place and tips them up slightly so they are easier to grab while I am cooking. I will share more about this in my upcoming kitchen tour.

Farmhouse_Spice_Jar_DrawerLabels_Herb_Spice_Jar_FarmhouseHerb_Spice_Jar_Labels_FarmhouseFarmhouse_Spice_Jar_LabelsFarmhouse_Herb_Spice_Jar_LabelsSpice_Jar_Lid_LabelsTo print your labels, use the button at the end of the post that will take you to the blog at You can download these PDFs for free. Before you update them to your own text, you will need to download and install the free farmhouse style fonts. To edit the PDFs you will need to have them on your desktop and opened in Adobe Acrobat. You can then select the text and type in your own. Both the chalkboard and kraft styles have three pages in the PDF. The first is a script/caps, the second caps/script and the third just the caps. The three variations should give you the flexibility you will need for almost any herb or spice label. Print them onto a full sheet label paper (white since the chalkboard and kraft are part of my printable design) and trim the circles with a 1.5 inch circle punch. Place the labels on both the jar and one on the lid. I am loving my updated pantry and spice drawer and want to share a huge thanks to Online Label for hosting these printables on their blog. Enjoy! ~ Lia     Kraft_Printable_Spice_Labels Chalkboard_Printable_Spice_Labels FarmhouseButtonFontButton