Gift_Tag_Printables_MenI will admit that I am a tad (just a tad) obsessed with flowers and all shades of pink right now. Stepping back from my pink immersion I realized that it is high time I designed a set of gift tags that are suited for the men in your lives. Right? I am loving the tribal pattern and hand drawn graphics that are in trend right now along with the shades of blues, teals and greens, so with that I designed this set of eight tags that you can use for any events or holidays coming up. As Lindsay, my new design intern (and fabulous illustrator) and I were working on these yesterday, we jokingly named them “man tags” . . . and because it is to fun to say, that name has stuck. That being said, as a woman I would not be offended to have any of these tags attached to a gift or bottled beverage, so of course they are great for the women too. You can easily print your “man tags” onto a card stock and trim them to size. The backs are blank which is perfect to add a personalized handwritten note. I have put together a little photo inspiration on how you can wrap gifts for men as well. I am using bits of nature, paper feathers and garden twine. Of course I had to throw in a bit of silk ribbon. Enjoy the gift tags! ~ Lia

Graphic_Pattern_Gift_Tag_Printable Summer_Graphic_Tribal_Gift_Tags Masculine_Gift_Tag_Printable Graphic_Masculine_Gift_Tags Gift_Wrap_Toppers_Men