Reality Check!

May means the beginning of graduation season, so we designed this adorable graduation money holder card for grads of all ages that you can print right at home! This greeting card was a team effort from our lead graphic designer Lindsay with charming illustrations from our talented Laurel Autumn. They went with a bright color palette featuring orangey-reds with teal. To seal the card, we also included a sheet of cute stickers in the download below. 

Printing our Graduation Card

Start by downloading the file below and printing the graduation card onto white cardstock. Make sure to print only the first page so that you do not end up printing the stickers onto the cardstock as well. Cut out the card and fold along the indicated lines. This card will hold checks or cash, and once you fill it you can hand write to To/From section on the back. 

Next, print the sticker sheet on to full sheet label paper. Again, make sure you are only printing that page so that you don’t waste any paper! Trim your favorite sticker and use it to seal the card. Easy and adorably homemade! If you have multiple grads in the family, you can print as many as you want. 

More Options

For another graduation money holder card, check out our printable congratulations card with a more elegant feel. Browse through all of our graduation DIYs to find decor for hosting a celebration, or head over to our graduation DIYs to join our DIY community. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily glimpses into the studio, and always feel free to leave comments with project requests or suggestions. Don’t forget to stay inspired!! ~ Lia & Team