If you have a variety of plants, these printable plant markers will come in handy. We definitely needed these, which is why we created them! As you can probably guess, we have a lot of plants living here. In addition to our many paper plants, we’ve got real plants as well. Some of them need more light than others, more (or less) water, etc. So we designed these printable plant markers to help us keep our plants happy. And now we’re sharing them with you! 

Printable plant markers next to plant leaves, ribbon, and scissors

Botany Good Plants Lately?

You can use these printable plant markers to help you easily identify your houseplants and keep track of what each one needs. We’ve included a few different options for you below in our template.

In our template below, you’ll find two different label sizes with space for the plant’s name and how often it should be watered. With one option, you can note if you need to water the plant weekly or monthly. The other option lets you edit the frequency. You can also edit the plant names on all the plant markers in the template. Just make sure to download the font “Klinic Slab” before editing the PDF. 

Along with plant markers, you’ll find a “plant care” sheet where you can list all your plants next to a weekly schedule. There’s also a sheet for listing your plant’s name, its water needs, the amount of light it needs, and its optimal temperature. Once you print your plant markers, we recommend laminating them to make sure they stay dry and durable. 

What do you think? Will these plant markers be useful for you? Also, if you want to label more things in your home, we’ve got other printable labels, too. We love labeling around here—it helps us stay organized and on top of things!

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DIY plant markers in pots on table DIY plant markers in hanging planters DIY plant markers in different planters DIY plant marker for rubber plant

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