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Back to school season is here and it can be quite an exciting time for new high school students. In honor of all the new (and continuing!) high schoolers out there, we came up with this fabulous arrangement of locker accessories to express all the uniqueness that is your growing scholar. High school is usually the first time that a teenager gets to experience having a locker, so it is definitely an occasion to go all out for. Our set of locker accessories includes every letter of the alphabet, printable wallpaper, picture frames, emoji designs and more. 

Download our set of locker accessories in the PDFs below. You can easily hang the accessories using tape, but we decided that the best way to use them as decor would be to make them into magnets. We have two options for the locker accessories: baking them using shrink film 0r printing them directly onto magnet paper. Find links for both materials in Shop this Project! If you’re creating shrink film locker accessories, download the shrink film version of the PDF. The colors on these designs will look very faded, but not to worry, they will become very vibrant once you bake them. Load your shrink film into your inkjet printer and cut out each design. The circular designs are 2.5 inches, so you could also use a circle punch if you have one. Follow the instructions on your specific shrink film to bake the designs. 

To turn your shrink film designs into magnetic locker accessories, simply glue an industrial magnet or attach magnetic adhesive to the back. I recommend using a high temperature hot glue gun for this so that the magnet will adhere well to the plastic. If you would rather not use shrink film, you can print the designs directly onto magnet paper instead. To do this, download the second PDF, where the designs are already shrunk down and the colors are much more vibrant. Although we used two different materials for this project, we used the same printer to print both. Three cheers to the versatility of Canon printers! For our locker accessories project we used the Canon Printer

After you finish your magnets, you can also print the wallpaper onto 8.5 x 11 white card stock. To complete our DIY locker design, we added a set of battery operated string lights for some extra flair. This project is making me wish I could have a locker of my own to decorate! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily glimpses of crafting ideas or take a look at our membership options to start downloading. Share your project photos with us using #DIYDreamingWithLia, and let Canon admire your creative makes by using #CraftyWithCanon! All the best for a new school year ~ Lia 

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