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What is more dull that the plain off-yellow manila file folders? Yet oddly I am excited to add these folders to my office design. I was given the challenge by Online Labels to come up with a stylish label system that takes the standard folder up a notch or two. First, I found these great looking kraft and gold chevron office organizing pieces at my local Target store. If you move fast, they may still have them on their shelves. I then played off the gold chevron design and incorporated the yellow of the manila along with the teal of my office to create a look that makes me forget I am using dollar store folders. For the tab labels I designed one sheet of pre-set names and the second page is ready for your to fill in your own folder names. The tab designs print perfectly on the WL-200WX labels. The mailing labels and file box labels incorporate the color palette and chevron pattern and are also editable when you open the PDF. These both print onto a full sheet label. For all of the editable labels you will want to download Quicksand which is a free font from The full sheet chevron print pattern is something I wanted to use to dress up the front folder in my desktop holder. I printed two sheets and trimmed it to cover the front and wrap partially onto the back. You can use this pattern for all kinds of office items, like wrap your pen container or cover the front of your notebook. My new office is really coming together, these labels being a center part of the design. I look forward to sharing the full office reveal in the next few weeks. Enjoy these labels sponsored by our friends at Online Labels. ~ Lia

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