We love helping you get your home organized! That’s why this month’s free project with Online Labels is a set of printable spice labels. While we have included some common spices in our printable, like cinnamon, sea salt, and cumin, you can edit these labels for whatever is in your spice drawer.

As always, all you need is some scissors and label paper. The label paper we use is linked below, or you can always have Online Labels print these labels for you.

free editable printable spice labels

It’s thyme to organize!

There’s something refreshing about going into your kitchen and seeing everything in order and arranged neatly. Putting all your spices in their own jars will make your drawer or cupboard look very uniform and tidy — especially if you keep other pantry items in glass containers. With the printable spice labels, you can then organize your spices alphabetically and find them more easily, too.

If you end up using these printable spice labels, let us know! And feel free to share how you like to use your spices. I love having a variety of spices in my drawer to get creative with. For example, you can add different spices to a plain snack like popcorn. To make it more savory, you could mix chili powder, sea salt, and cumin. Or you could try sprinkling in some cinnamon and sugar if you’re craving something sweet instead. 

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Click the link below to go to Online Labels where you can download and edit these printable spice labels at home for free.

free spice labels DIY printable spice jar labels printable spice labels peppercorn and sea salt labels

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