Tooth_Fairy_CertificateIt’s been a while since I played tooth fairy to my daughter Emily but we have two mom’s here in the studio with little ones the tooth losing age, so of course we designed tooth fairy goodies! Today we are sharing our printable tooth fairy certificate. Handy for the tooth fairy to print out, fill in the blanks and deliver to a sleeping child in return for a lost tooth. Our printable certificate has space for the child’s name, age and the date that the tooth was lost. There’s a space for the tooth fairy to note any observations, to mark down which tooth it is and to rate the quality of the lost tooth. We also added a small envelope to our certificate for including the all important tooth fairy money! The envelope pictured here is the poppy colored baby envelope and is available at Paper Source. You could also use one of our mini envelope templates if you would like to make your own.

To get your tooth fairy certificate simply download the PDF below and print at home onto regular 11×8.5″ printer paper. Once you have downloaded the PDF it is yours to keep so you can print it out every time your little one is due for a visit from the tooth fairy! Come and join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a daily dose of DIY inspiration from the Lia Griffith studio. See you there! ~ Lia