Printable Trash Can LabelsI am feeling practical this Friday and I decided to share another little something that I put together to help streamline my kitchen. If any of you have seen the Portlandia episode about the multiple trash bins, you know how obsessed this town is with its trash. This has become clear in the last few weeks as I have moved from a loft with a 24/7 trash chute to a house where I drag the rolling bins to the sidewalk every Wednesday. Here in Portland, the small bin holding the landfill trash is collected ONLY every other week. The two large bins for collecting recycling and yard debris are emptied every week. With that info I decided it might be wise to switch the cans under my sink to match this ratio, encourage less landfill and to make it clear to all tossing trash. The best way to do that is with a big, graphic label, right? Ad so, I present you with my printable trash can labels! To add a little flair, I printed my trash can labels onto a full sheet kraft label, though they look great on white labels as well. Be kind to Mother Earth in style! ~ Lia

Printable Trash Can Labels