Our pets aren't just companions – they're furry family members. They bring us unconditional love and snuggles that melt away any worry. They make us laugh, get outside, and teach us about loyalty and responsibility. So why not celebrate your pet with a personalized touch? This month, we're delighted to share a project perfect for kids, pet parents, and craft enthusiasts: DIY Shrink Film Pet Tags & Charms! These pair perfectly with our Macrame Pet Collars – how cute is that?

Pawsitively Charming

Making these Shrink Film Pet Tags & Charms is super fun and very easy. Simply print the design onto shrink film using your inkjet printer. Here's a little tip from our studio: we learned the hard way that vibrant colors get REALLY dark once shrunk. So, for those pastel-perfect charms, stick to lighter shades.

Once printed, grab your scissors (remember, adult supervision for little crafters!) and cut out the design, leaving a small border. Use a hole punch (a quarter-inch size works best) to create a spot for the jump ring, which will attach your charm to a collar or clasp. Next, you bake it, then let it cool, and you'll have a masterpiece fit for a very good boy.

Pets bring such a unique kind of sunshine into our lives. Studies show that owning a pet can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and boost overall well-being. They're our furry (or feathery, or scaly!) therapists, always there with a wagging tail, a rumbling purr, or a curious chirp to brighten our day. These adorable Shrink Film Pet Tags & Charms are a way for us to give a little of that love right back.

Don't be afraid to let your creativity shine with your Shrink Film Pet Tags & Charms! We've provided an editable PDF, so you can add your pet's name, a funny phrase, or even a paw print design. Feeling extra artistic? Download the Bigola Font we used and experiment with your lettering. We want to see your unique style-so remember to take photos of your adorable pets wearing their tags and share them with our crafting community. Or, post them on social media with #MadeWithLia.

Notes: Easy project using the editable PDF to add your own pets name or fun phrase to the tags then print on to shrink film then cut by hand. Or we have included instruction and a print then cut file so your cricut can do the hard work for you. Simply download the included Bigola Font to your computer if you wish to use the same font we did!