It can’t be said enough… I love shrink film! To complement our felt weather chart and other rainbow projects this month, we thought it would be fun to make a shrink film rainbow magnet. All you need is our template below plus shrink film, magnets, and glue.

In addition to the rainbow design, our template also includes raindrops, a sun, and lightning bolts.  

shrink film rainbow magnets

This DIY project is a breeze

Our shrink film rainbow magnet is so easy to make and a simple way to add some art to your fridge. You could even craft extras to give away as gifts! If you are using the felt weather chart to teach your kids about the weather, you could also use these magnets to let them know if it’s going to be a sunny, rainy, or stormy day.

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  1. If cutting by hand, print the PDF using an inkjet printer, then cut out design with scissors.
  2. If using a cutting machine, upload our Print-Then-Cut jpeg file and follow the directions in Design Space. We created a custom Materials setting to cut successfully. Cut Pressure: 350, Multi-Cut: 9x, Blade Type: Fine Point. When the design is done cutting, lift the edge of the paper (but do not unload the mat) and if did not cut through, press the flashing Cricut button to cut one more time
  3. Follow the directions on the shrink film packaging. Pro tip: when the pieces have finished shrinking in the oven, move them to a smooth, flat surface and lay a heavy book on top to flatten.
  4. Use hot glue to add magnets to the back of each piece.

DIY rainbow and raindrops magnets weather magnets shrink film weather magnets

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