After we shared our first shrinky dink project with these adorable DIY animal charms, we knew we had to explore more shrinky dink possibilities! Because you can print them straight from your inkjet printer, they are so easy and convenient to craft. This time, we designed these shrinky dink name tags and fun monster characters that kids can use to decorate their backpacks, school supplies, or other treasures around the house.

Shrinky Dink Name TagsSponsored by Canon

For this project, we played around with both clear shrink film and white shrink film and found that white shrink film worked much better with our colors. Download the PDF for the designs below and print them directly onto your shrink film. As you can see, the collection includes a variety of monsters, kitten faces, and name tags.

To customize the name tags, you will need to download the free font Slaberlin. Once you edit your shrinky dink name tags, print them with your desktop printer. We used one of our go-to inkjet Canon printers, the PIXMA MG6820 Wireless Printer. As I mentioned, we used white shrink film

When the designs are printed, you will notice that the color is very light. This is intentional! We set the color at 50% opacity for this printable because the color tends to become much darker after baking the shrinky dinks.

Cut out the printed designs and use a 1/4-inch hole punch to create a hole at the top of the design. Follow the instructions on your specific shrink film to bake your shrinky dink name tags and illustrations. Generally, you should not place the shrink film directly onto the metal baking sheet. This means that you should also avoid using tin foil. We baked ours on a piece of parchment paper.

After they come out of the oven, you can stick a book over the shrinky dinks while they are cooling so that they will stay flat. To turn the shrinky dink name tags into keychains, we picked up some basic ball chain keychains from our local jewelry store.

We originally envisioned these shrinky dink name tags as the perfect backpack decor for your elementary schooler, but feel free to use these designs in any way that you like. And stay tuned for the beyond adorable DIY monster backpacks that we will be sharing soon!

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