Simple Crepe Paper Flower

Because crepe paper naturally resembles the texture of flower petals (especially extra fine crepe!), you can use it to not only replicate flowers in nature, but you can also create your own flower designs that will look like they belong in nature. This flower design is the perfect example of that. It is not based off of any flower in particular, it is just a big beautiful bloom that I brought to life from my imagination. My simple crepe paper flower resembles a garden rose, but has a circular center like an anemone. And that’s the beauty of making paper flowers – you can start with some basic techniques and then explore from there! 

Crafting your Flowers

Start this project by gathering your materials. You can find links for the papers above, or you can browse in our online shop. When you have your materials ready, print the PDF template below to use as a guide for cutting your crepe pieces. There are two copies of the pattern in the download, just in case you want to craft these flowers with a partner.  

For the complete instructions to craft this simple crepe paper flower, watch our video tutorial below! If this is your first time crafting with crepe, we recommend first watching our Crepe Paper 101 video to learn our go-to techniques for cutting and stretching the material. With this flower, you have the freedom to make any size of bloom that you want. Make smaller blooms for corsages and boutonnieres, or keep building out the petals for a full-bodied flower. As you place the petals, position them so that they are staggered and slightly overlapping. This will give the flower more shape. 

We are calling these basic wedding flowers, but of course you can use them for anything. Extra fine crepe paper is perfect for wedding projects because it is so delicate, and we love adding in metallic accents for anything wedding. You can even play around with making the centers out of Gold crepe instead of the Vanilla. Let the design inspire you! 

UPDATE: Refer to the Tools & Materials list above for updated information as some items are outdated since this video was created.

Explore More

Once you finish with this paper flower project, browse our entire collection of projects using our extra fine crepe paper. Jump over to our wedding section for more DIY inspiration, or head to our YouTube channel to find all of our instruction videos. Join our crafting community on our membership page, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily glimpses into the latest and greatest.  Do you have requests for videos you would like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below! We always love getting you in on the creative process. Cheers! Lia & Team